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The Hue


New Student Housing Facility


Savannah, Georgia


351,570 square feet


$25 million

This new developer-led student housing facility is located on the west end of Bay Street bordering Savannah’s Landmark Historic District. The upscale apartments are tailored for students attending Savannah's major colleges and universities, and are designed with a high end loft-like character.

The overall design concept for the building was to provide the exterior with an industrial-chic look, reminiscent of other contemporary loft developments, while maintaining a modern, edgy feel that would appeal to students.

Building Includes:

  • Podium construction type

  • 446 total beds / 149 units

  • 10 different unit styles

  • 2 levels of parking (325 cars)

  • Mixed-use retail / commercial area within parking decks

  • Pool and pool deck

  • Clubhouse / fitness center

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