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Lucas Theatre for the Arts


Interior and Exterior Restoration


Savannah, Georgia


27,750 square feet


$5.1 million over 3 phases

This 1920's theatre had fallen into disuse, neglect and deterioration before being rescued by a local non-profit organization. The goals were simple: save the architecturally significant building, modernize all the safety, environmental and performing systems, and return it to its original use as a center for performing arts in Savannah per the Secretary of the Interiors Standards for Rehabilitation.

The project was completed in three phases - exterior facade, interior demolition and interior renovation. All major building systems were replaced, accessibility and theatrical improvements were included, and the decorative interior treatments were fully restored. The arrangement of new systems are woven into the historic fabric to be inconspicuous. The project also included extensive environmental testing for lead paint, asbestos, etc.

Lighting design reflects the original features of multiple sources and colors of light that fade and build as part of the theatre experience. A new marquis, designed using historic photographs, shelters patrons and announces the evening events with a dazzling display. Exterior lighting of the facade makes the Lucas a permanent part of Savannah's night life.

The total building area is approximately 27,750 square feet and has a seating capacity of approximately 1,400. It is located in Savannah's Historic District, immediately off Broughton Street and forms the most important piece of Savannah's theatre district.

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